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Term Life

Why term insurance? 

Term Life Insurance is meant to do a number of different jobs. Most importantly, it's meant to protect those you love most. 

Whether your coverage is meant to cover mortgage payments, taxes, future or current tuition costs for your children, the monthly bills, outstanding debt, or a mix of them all, your coverage should be custom fit to you. 

How much term?

Every family, individual, or business have different needs for how much coverage they need. Our goal is to get to know you and your situation, so we can help you protect what means most. 

As a general recommendation, we suggest 7-10 years of income and total outstanding debt combined, when calculating "how much" life insurance you should have. 

When term? 

Your life insurance needs will differ from that of your neighbor. Whether you're single, a business owner, or married with three children, life insurance is a must have in building your Financial House and financial system. 

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